-Angela has been a professional wedding photographer since 2012. She has personally shot over 400 weddings and has been featured in multiple publications along with being the recipient of several different awards.
-Adam has been a professional photographer and traveling musician for over two decades. Adam’s former studio (Baxter, KS) was focused on portrait photography (senior, headshots and band photography).
-As a traveling musician, Adam has had the pleasure of shooting some of the most beautiful and noteworthy locations around the world. 
-We currently call the Kansas City area home, but we have both lived in multiple locations across the mid-west and in the South.
-We shoot almost exclusively with Canon gear, although Adam was a devoted Nikon user prior to working with Angela
-We regularly freak out at events when we get "the shot" and have to show you right away; then you freak out and we all "oooh and ahhhh" - when we said we love our job, We meant it. Seriously.  
-We don't believe in settling for second best. Especially when it comes to photography, music equipment, coffee. 
-Angela shot her first destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico in 2017. 
-We love our beautiful, diverse country and am proud to say that we have shot in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. We cannot wait to able to proclaim that we have shot a wedding in all 50 states. A lofty goal we hope to reach by 2025. 

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our clients are saying...

"WE LOVE HER. Our pictures look like us in a way where they capture our personalities. She understands how to connect with her clients which allows her to be a participant in the shoot rather than an observer. For us, that made all the difference. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Jackie m. 

Timeless. Genuine. Natural. Joyful. Creative.

our photography mission in 5 words

I used to watch my mother paint and marvel at how she could create something from nothing with just a canvas, brush, paint and her mind’s eye. My aunt, my mother’s sister, loved photography and always had a camera in her hand back before cellphones made it common place. I am a combination of the influence of both my mother and my aunt. Digital Photography is my medium but my composition and editing style is heavily influenced by the old masters. This is really reflected in my landscape photography.   

inspired by the old masters

I've always had a love of art. My mother was a talented painter who idolized Van Gogh and like him, preferred oils over any other kind of paint.

angela's story

Editorial magazine fierceness meets genuine romantic connection meets true to life color pop.

our style can be summed up as

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our clients are saying...

"OMG! You guys are the BEST! I don't know what we would have done without you!"

~Cadie A.

Timeless. Genuine. Natural. Joyful. Creative.

our photography mission in 5 words

Self-taught, Adam began his journey in the film world after his grandfather gave him his first 35mm at the age of 14. Being a professional musician, Adam developed his photography skills by becoming known across the region as the go to guy for band photography. His work has literally graced the cover of hundreds of albums. After opening his studio in Baxter, Kansas, he proceeded to shoot hundreds of families, seniors and editorial sessions. 

adam's first camera was a nikkorex

Like Angela, Adam was an admirer of fine art from a young age. Influenced by the local art scene in Sedona, AZ, Adam developed a deep love for the medium and later became an accomplished editorial & portrait photographer.

adam's story

Digital meets film to create the iconic timeless look Adam is known for creating in his portrait work.

adam's style can be summed up as

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Your first decision as an engaged couple is to set priorities for your wedding planning. You have to decide what you value most. Is it the dress? The food? The Venue? We believe that couples should make photography a top priority. After the big day is over, you will leave your reception with a spouse & your memories.... and that’s it! All of that planning and preparation is over in a matter of hours! Choose to invest in high quality photography & cinematography and those memories will be preserved so you can look back on them, year after year. 

We value our clients time, energy and strive to make the experience easy and fun.

why you should work with us

Our clients live for

Outdoor venues with sweeping landscapes

Candid and relaxed portraits

Sentimental details

Romantic first looks

We believe

We believe that couples deserve to have one of the most precious days of their lives documented by a team of photographers who possess a sincere passion for love stories. ALL love stories. 

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